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2022.7.2 - 3 atmos Sendagaya store

Collaboration exhibition with atmos "aVOICE" & special live performance

The main artwork was created from the perspective of the SDGs, using the CD and accompanying booklet from the album "Crescent" released by solo artist Jesse McFaddin in 2020 as art materials. There are many one-of-a-kind artworks that McFaddin himself created with the feeling that "it's a game and a way of expression that I've wanted to try since I was a child."

In addition, works that VOICE has created so far, works that VOICE has hand-drawn tags on such as off-shots of his daily life, and T-shirts designed for this exhibition that symbolize the collaboration between atmos and VOICE will be on sale at the venue. The title of this exhibition, "aVOICE," was born from the collaboration logo design that bombed the VOICE tag, which is the writer's name, on top of the atmos logo.


Voice. Another name for Jesse during his art projects.

As a teenager, he began working as a writer with a street background under the tag name "VOICE."

I have been drawing and collecting "voices" as they come to mind, on notebooks, walls, etc.

It showcases a new way of expressing messages by transforming them into a canvas and delivering them.

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